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Taking on the welfare debate

The biggest issue voters speak to Gisela about is welfare. What is it? Who should it be for? How much does it cost? These are just some of the questions voters want to get to the bottom of. Gisela's been holding a series of meetings across the constituency so she can pull together a policy that reflects our views.

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Fighting for a Fair Deal for Birmingham

Over the last 12 months Gisela has led the battle in Parliament for a fair deal for the major cities of the UK. The Tory-led Government has decimated Birmingham City Council’s budget. The cut per person in Birmingham amounts to £149; the national average cut is £74. That can't be fair.

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Our children's future

Gisela has been campaigning hard for better schools in the City of Birmingham and better qualifications that are suited to the jobs that are available in our city.

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----> Find out more about the Birmingham Bacc

----> Write to your school and ask them to join up

The best health care service for Brum

We love our NHS. But it is under threat. A pointless and expensive reorganisation means people are waiting much longer in A&E for treatment and it is harder to get a GP appointment.

Take action

----> Read up on the recent changes to health policy and why they are so bad for people here

----> Send an email to the Prime Minister 

----> Tell me your recent experience of NHS care - good or bad

School parking

Parking at school drop off and pick up times has long been a problem in the constituency. So we're setting up our own patrol.

Take action

----> Sign up to join our patrol team once in a while

----> Deliver leaflets for the campaign from time to time

In our community

Gisela fights for us on any issue - big or small. But she can only help when she knows there's a problem.

Take action

----> Let Gisela know about a problem in your road or community

----> Let Gisela know of an individual issue you want her to take up

Gisela's latest news

Gisela Stuart is supporting the campaign for Flood Free Homes

Jan 30, 2015

The Flood Free Homes campaign was launched on Tuesday 20th January, by the Association of British Insurers, supported by Friends of the Earth, Know Your Flood Risk, National Flood Forum, and the Property Care Association’s Flood Protection Group.

The aim of the campaign is to raise the issue of long term flood defence investment and land and water management.

Flood Free Homes is campaigning for:

BBC Sunday Politics Midlands

Jan 19, 2015

BBC ONE 11.00am Sunday 18th January 2015

Gisela Stuart joined the West Midlands panel yesterday.  The programme is available on iplayer at;


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Team Gisela is people who care about our community. Some are Labour Party members - some are not. What binds us together is a shared feeling that things can be better than they are and we come together to make them happen. So if you have half an hour a month or more come and join us! There's something to do for everyone - from collecting signatures for a petition, delivering leaflets for an event, or phoning people to join a community clean up.

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