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To Florence for Florence

Jul 27, 2015

Harborne resident, Ellen Franklin is helping to raise funds for Florence, who is 3 years old and was born with Aicardi Syndrome. Ellen and a team of volunteers are hoping to raise funds for the special things that grants do not cover, to improve Florence’s quality of life.

The Team plan to walk a distance of 1042 miles – the equivalent of the distance to Florence.

Assisted Suicide

Jul 26, 2015

Join the debate on assisted suicide in consultation with Gisela Stuart.

St John's Church is hosting an evening on Thursday 13th August at 7.30 pm to discuss the proposed legislation on Assisted Suicide.

Gisela Stuart is keen to hear the views from local people. The legislation is a Private Member’s Bill and will have the first debate in early September.

The venue is at St. John's Church on Harborne High Street.

All welcome.


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