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Join the Campaign for Pedestrian Safety

Nov 30, 2015

The charity, Living Streets, will be carrying out a community street audit in Edgbaston on Wednesday 8th December to identify hazards for pedestrians in the Bristol Road/Pershore Road/Edgbaston Road area, particularly at the main traffic junctions.

Living Streets is carrying out the walking audit to identify issues faced by pedestrians, such as traffic speeds, poor crossing points, driving violations and footpath conditions.

Labour Lives

Nov 26, 2015

Gisela Stuart took part in a recorded interview for Labour Lives, the online site for recording the history of the Labour Party in Birmingham.

The interview can be heard at


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Team Gisela is people who care about our community. Some are Labour Party members - some are not. What binds us together is a shared feeling that things can be better than they are and we come together to make them happen. So if you have half an hour a month or more come and join us! There's something to do for everyone - from collecting signatures for a petition, delivering leaflets for an event, or phoning people to join a community clean up.

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